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Introducing our upcoming advanced UX writing courses!

When the UX Writers Collective launched in January, the original vision was to offer a UX Writing Fundamentals course, and then an Advanced UX Writing course. Instead, we’re now offering four advanced UX writing courses in specialized subjects.

Over time, we heard feedback from the UX writing community. While there is definitely high demand for a course designed for people already in UX writing roles, there’s simply too much to cover in a single course.

So that’s why we’re launching not just one, but four advanced UX writing courses in the coming months.

So what are the upcoming courses? Glad you asked! We’re proud to announce these courses will be coming online through the next few months:

CX Writing

CX writing is all about the customer experiences that lead you to a product through a wide range of marketing channels. This course will teach:

  • What the customer experience is and why it matters for UX
  • How to document the customer journey, including personas, customer research, keyword research, competitive analysis and more
  • How to increase engagement with your writing, and how to master persuasive marketing writing
  • How to write for the end-to-end customer journey, including mediums like video, SEO, social media, EDMs, websites, and more
  • Tools and tips for CX writing success in the real world

Look for the CX Writing course in June!

Content Research and Measurement

One of the biggest challenges a UX writer can have is actually testing whether their content has any impact. This course is designed to give you everything you need to test – both from a usability standpoint, and in A/B testing.

This course teaches how to:

  • Research before you start writing content, including with customer journey maps and empathy maps
  • Prepare your content structure for testing, including card sorting exercises
  • Usability test your content, including content and copy-specific ways to test
  • A/B test your copy, including best practices
  • Collect, analyze and then present your data and findings to the rest of your team, including decision-makers

If you’re keen to know more about how to actually put a quantitative value on your copy work, then this is the course for you.

Look for the content research and measurement course in June!

Chatbot Writing

One of the biggest opportunities – and challenges – for UX writers over the next decade will be writing chatbots that are actually useful. This upcoming course isn’t just about creating chatbots that work – it’ll be about figuring out what the purpose of a chatbot should truly be, and how writers can craft wonderful UX-based chat experiences.

This course will teach how to:

  • Grasp the principles and best practices for conversational and chatbot design
  • Understand where chatbot design writing intersects with UX writing
  • Model a real conversation and create flowmaps
  • Test and iterate your bot designs, including user testing
  • Win over skeptical stakeholders
  • Prepare for an uncertain future of bot-led design

Look for the chatbot writing course in July!

Macro Storytelling and Microcopy

Crafting a truly unique brand voice is a challenge, and it’s one of the few ways businesses can really stand out from the crowd. This course is all about teaching how to use advanced voice and tone techniques to really bring your brand to life through a product experience.

This course will teach how to:

  • Create a robust product voice and persona that aligns with customer personas
  • Think in terms of narrative arc using classic storytelling techniques
  • Apply content heuristics to micro-moments in product interfaces
  • Craft and implement a truly unique tone and voice across your product

Look for this course in August!

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