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These course graduates got hired after getting certified

This course has taught me so much. All the assignments have been challenging and fun.

Sangeetha Santhanam,
now a UX writer at Walmart Labs

Sangeetha Santhanam UX writer Walmart Labs

I’m speaking to you now from the end of a great first day in my first proper UX writing job.

Annie Mellor,
now tone of voice lead at Multiply.ai

Annie Mellor Tone of Voice Lead Multiply.ai

What you’ll learn in our courses

Take our online, self-paced course created by UX writers from Google, Amazon, and Intuit

How to design content for apps and software products

How to write for each phase of a customer journey

Voice, tone, and terminology development

How to write concisely

Best practices for writing UI components

How to create and document your work

What roles and teams you’ll work with most often

How to create and present a portfolio

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We’re a team of supportive, expert UX writers who love our jobs.

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It’s hard to find learning opportunities before you get a job. That’s what we’re for.

The material is excellent, and so thorough! I’m so impressed. It’s a wonderful resource for our discipline.

Jen Schaefer
Content Design Manager at Netflix

Jen Schaefer

This is what I’m looking for…when I’m talking to candidates. I want to know they understand the logistics, the stakeholders, the importance and mental model of the users.

Melissa Gould
Discipline Lead, Content Strategy, Walmart Labs

Discipline Lead, Content Strategy, Walmart Labs

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