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The Dash: A guide to UX writing challenges & more

In this week's Dash you'll find: Shopify changing their content strategy to content design, a UX writing glossary, completing a UX challenge and more!

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The next month is going to be huge for UX writing and content strategy. Not just one, not two, but three conferences (Button, Utterly Content, and the UX Writing conference). Expect to see a flood of takes on social media (including some of our own). In the meantime, the sheer amount of content published in the past week has blown our minds. Let’s get to it!

How to complete a UX writing challenge. If you’re job searching as a UX writer or content strategist, you’re probably aware that you need to pass a design challenge. What should you expect? Not to worry: Pembroke King from Catawiki explains her experience and guides you through it all

Podcast: What’s wrong with UX writing and content strategy? Scott Kubie, author of Writing for Designers and currently at Mailchimp, chats with Patrick Stafford on the latest episode of Writers of Silicon Valley about what the industry is getting wrong – and what we can do to make it better. Hot takes, here we come. 

How to boost eCommerce sales with UX thinking. Laura wouldn’t be so bold to brag about herself. So we’re doing it for her. She wrote this piece about how to ensure your eCommerce experience is truly the best it can be – and it’s great. Check it out. 

Shopify is changing content strategy to content design. Job title debates are nothing new in our field, but this is a fantastic look at how Shopify has justified their recent change. Long and short of it: writers are designers. How’s that for a vote of confidence? The piece has similar arguments you may want to make in your own organization, too. 

A UX writing glossary. We’re super excited about this one. We recently teamed up with Strings, a new tool for managing…well, strings….to publish this UX writing glossary. A handy reference for whenever you need it, so keep it bookmarked! 

Creating value as a tiny UX writing team. One of the biggest struggles we hear about in content strategy and UX writing is how to create impact with a small team. Meridel Walkington and Betsy Mikel delve into how the Mozilla team does this… three content strategists across seven researchers and 20 designers. It’s a must read for any small team. 

How Google prioritizes wellbeing over short-term thinking. So many decisions in UX are about tradeoffs, but some are more important than others. A team at Google, including content strategist Kate Lockhart, wrote this piece about the frameworks they use to emphasize “people first principles”. Switches, default options, usage data…these have crucial roles. Use them wisely.

A good presentation tells a story. As UX writers and content strategists, we constantly have to advocate for our work. Often we fail because we don’t tell a captivating story. This piece at Figma, written by one of their student fellows, is a fantastic delve into how to actually craft a winning presentation. Perfect for convincing stakeholders. 

What’s next in your career? If you’ve asked yourself this question, the ever-smart Rachel McConnell has a path laid out for you. Don’t miss these fantastic insights on how to move up or over to keep your career interesting and challenging.

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