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The Dash: Share the UX writing love

This week's Dash includes a framework for effective collaboration, tips for giving great feedback, and error messages as poetry.

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Instead of sending out valentines (we see you, Chelsea Larsson), we thought we’d round up some relevant UX writing and content design resources as a treat. From us, to you! Share this with a friend or coworker who could use some love today.

  • Content + design = a match made in heaven. We know you know this already, but it’s important to reiterate. Our teams—and ultimately our products—are better when we work together! Jan Rojcek, UX Director at Indeed, shares how their team improved communication and built a framework for effective collaboration. This is a must-read.

  • The 5 love languages at work. Are you more of a “words of affirmation” person? Or would you prefer tangible gifts? We all respond differently to different forms of recognition. Learn your teams’ love language (and your own) to increase productivity and avoid employee turnover. Both good things. Julia Vaughan offers up advice on the Writer blog.

  • Error messages as poetry. We love that the Condé Nast and Zendesk teams meet up to nerd out on content and talk shop. The latest outcome? They did a creative exercise on writing error messages as poems. Thanks to Sammie Spector, Chelsea Larsson, and Sophie Tahran for these microcopy masterpieces.

  • Giving feedback is #hard. But giving proper, helpful feedback is one of the most important tools in your content designer belt. In this new blog post, Taylor Rodwedder shares how to use it well. 

  • Make the jump from writer to content designer. You’ve gotta start somewhere—and you have more applicable experience than you think. This post from Emma Schmidt on the Dropbox Design blog has some great pointers. You can do it!

  • On being delightfully different. “Delight works by taking your experience minus your expectations. If the end result is a positive number, then you are delighted by that difference.” Cynthia Savard Saucier chats with Shopify’s CEO on the role design plays in the company. This article summarizes five key takeaways that we can all learn from! 

  • Call for speakers: Apply for Button. You don’t have to be a seasoned speaker to say something important! If you work on UX writing and content design projects, you have something valuable to share. Don’t wait: Pitches are due this Friday at 11:59 p.m. PT. Go ahead, submit yours now!


  • Show your team the love. There’s nothing better than getting everyone on your team on the same page. Choose self-paced courses or custom workshops that will bring your group closer together and help close any skills gaps. Spend up your education budget before the quarter ends! 
  • Step into The Brand Voice Lab! Ready to roll up your sleeves and start experimenting with writing for unique voices? This course is made for anyone who creates, establishes, or shapes the voice of content and wants to give their writing a workout. You’ll learn how to infuse your content with personality, set your brand apart from the competition, and build memorable user experiences.


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