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The Dash: How to build your UX writing network

Yes, you do need to know your stuff when it comes to UX writing. Us UX writers can spot a fraud a mile off!

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Yes, you do need to know your stuff when it comes to UX writing. Us UX writers can spot a fraud a mile off! But the art of building a network of writers, designers, developers, and mentors is also crucial in developing a successful UX writing career. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, because the latest article on our blog covers that exact topic. We’ve also got great stuff on chatbots and content testing from the UXWC team, updates from some industry veterans, and much more.

  • It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…well, it’s kind of a bit of both. As you’ll find out in the latest addition to our blog, written by Alexandra Duncan. Check out her top 5 UX writing community-building tips right here and grow that network, friend!
  • Content testing and research on demand. Our founder and CEO Bobbie Wood presented a webinar last week for UXPA. It’s about Content Testing and Research, which is so important for product success and sharing the value of the work we do—and just happens to be the topic of one of our amazing courses. In a twist of luck, UXPA recorded the webinar and shared it for all to see right here. Don’t miss it!
  • How to design a chatbot. The full transcript of the interview with Hillary Black on the Writers of Silicon Valley podcast is now live! We love this conversation with the author of our super popular chatbot design course, so if you’re on the fence about taking that course… this interview might be very informative indeed.
  • Not your typical tech writer: Here’s a podcast episode for any technical writers who are interested in the realm of content strategy: Hannah Kirk (a content strategist based in Silicon Valley) talks about content strategists and the importance of our roles in movements like Black Lives Matter, she shares her experiences with B2B software, being the only writer on a team and also how to engage stakeholders from all over the organization so they become allies for your work. Good stuff.
  • User-friendly updates during a pandemic. It’s not too late (unfortunately) to brush up on your Coronavirus communication methods, especially when it comes to booking flights (will we ever be able to travel internationally again?). Check out this post from UX Design team on Medium.
  • “The meat and potatoes of design.” We love Apple’s human interface design guidelines, almost as much as the people at the UX Collective. They’ve collected 10 of the best insights so you don’t have to read the whole thing on Apple’s site.
  • Never spam. Ever. Part of a product’s user experience just happens to include the email experience. We love how Growth Design has shared this example of good and bad emails to announce new product features (not to mention the effective duse of bitmojis to explain the whole thing).
  • Design 4 Users and an article 4 U…With all the different types of UI copy you might encounter on your UX writing travels. The inclusion of super helpful screencasts throughout really makes this piece worth a read.
  • Good news for content strategists. Contentful has raised $80 million for its headless CMS. We thought you might want to check out the nitty-gritty because they’re currently being used by companies like Spotify. Might be worth getting familiar.

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