The UX Writing Fundamentals course has 100 students!

In mid-2018, we formed the UX Writers Collective and began writing all of the content for the Fundamentals course.

We had a vision: with so many companies needing UX writers and so few qualified UX writers around, there should be a way for writers to learn the skills they need to join design teams.

So we launched the UX Writing Fundamentals Course in January. We honestly didn’t know what the reception would be.

We didn’t know whether we would get 1 student or 20. We put a lot of time, effort, and yes, money into producing what we thought was a killer course.

So we are completely blown away to announce that we now have over 100 students working towards UX writing certification in our Fundamentals course.

And we want to give you the chance to become one of them (more on that below…)

This is a huge milestone. Not just for the course, but for UX writing itself. So many writers have to spend a lot of time and effort legitimizing their existence. With 100 paying students, we’re ready to say that UX writing and content design are finally seeing the momentum we’ve always hoped for. Our design discipline is here to stay, and people are serious about it.

What’s even more amazing than 100 enrolled students is what those students are saying about the course. Just look at the testimonials from students who are finishing the material, and have created their profiles on our certified UX writers page:

“You won’t get this from a book…The content is well organised and the reviews help reinforce what you learn in each unit. These mini tests show you what you need to read over again, which you don’t get from a book or an article.”

– Rich Jones, Content Writer at Vistaprint and freelance copywriter


“I would highly recommend this course…I found that this course filled in any gaps in my knowledge, while also giving me a clear strategy for future projects I will work on.”

– Melissa Williams, Copywriter and Content Strategist – Brand Meets Copy


We’re not slowing down. We have four advanced courses in the works (coming soon!) and more plans beyond that to help grow the concept of UX writing and strategy…

But for now, we think it’s time to celebrate. And we’re doing that with our biggest sale ever.

For just 100 hours, get 25% off the UX Writing Fundamentals course.

That means you’ll pay just US $671 instead of the usual retail price of US $895. 

Enter the code 100STUDENTS at checkout and help us celebrate!

Sign up for our biggest discount ever before 9:00 pm PST, Friday, May 24. Get certified. It’s so worth it!

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