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Exciting new material for our courses

Today we wanted to let you know about some exciting new material just added to the UX Writing Fundamentals and our CX Writing for Marketing Engagement courses.

Over the last 2+ years, we’ve continuously made small updates to our courses. Today we wanted to let you know about some exciting new material just added to the UX Writing Fundamentals and our CX Writing for Marketing Engagement courses. But first, a couple of things to know:

  • If you’re already certified, there’s nothing to do. Your certification is not affected.
  • That said, since you have lifetime access to the course material, go and have a read!

UX Writing Fundamentals updates

Early this year, we met with our Advisory Group to help us understand whether our certifications were meeting industry needs. The feedback was very positive, but hiring managers wanted even more coverage. We’ve added a couple of new lessons to address those needs in our UX Writing Fundamentals course.

New lesson: Writing for accessibility

More and more often, hiring managers and design leads want to see familiarity with accessibility best practices for UX writing, content design, or content strategy roles. In this lesson, we cover the most essential info you need to write well for people with disabilities.

In a few months we’ll release a whole new skills course on Accessibility & Inclusivity with tons of details and hands-on practice for UX writers. In the meantime, this new lesson will set you up to write well for everyone.

New lesson: Writing for translation & localization

One of the biggest challenges to good translation is often the source text. In this lesson, we’ll walk you through an explanation of how translation and localization work, and cover the considerations for writing great UX copy that can be translated without breaking things. Important stuff!

Updated unit: Creating a portfolio

When we first launched the course, we included a unit on job searching. That unit included some info on creating a portfolio.

After listening to student and industry feedback, we wanted to focus on the most important thing for new UX writers: creating a truly great portfolio. This unit will replace our previous job-focused Unit 7 with new material on organizing your work samples and creating good case studies.

CX Writing: New name & new assessments

The CX Writing course is a fantastic way to learn how to extend your writing skills across an entire product journey. But we felt the name was a mismatch, especially since “CX” often now refers to conversation design. The CX Writing course is now Marketing Writing for UX Writers. If you’re already certified and need a new certificate with the updated course title, log in and grab that!

We also reviewed the assessments for this course and felt they needed an upgrade. The CX (Marketing Writing) course now features detailed exercises that really challenge students to understand what truly makes great marketing writing work. The result is a course that provides even more opportunities to practice your writing skills before finishing a challenging final project: writing for a single brand launch across multiple channels.

And more…

We’re always so thrilled when we see students share their certificates on social media. After all, you should be proud! Our certificates require hard work.

It’s been a while since we looked at our course certificates, and we thought they could do with a refresh. What do you think?

That isn’t all. There’s more.

Here are more of the exciting improvements we have planned for the next few months:

  • New skills courses to cover advanced topics and deep dives
  • For our Content Research & Testing course, we’ve started an exciting partnership with Usertesting.com that includes a new final project
  • We’ve got your questions covered with an upcoming new help center for prospective and current students
  • And… we’ll soon launch a 1:1 mentoring option!

Stay tuned for these updates, and keep us posted on how we can continue to make your career development as excellent as it can be.


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