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UX Writing

Interview with Kinneret Yifrah

In this interview, the author of the popular book “Microcopy, The Complete Guide” talks about her beginnings in UX writing, her projects, and the future of content design.

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WoSV Transcripts

Writers of Silicon Valley: What we learned from the Button conference

In this episode, Patrick chats with Yael, Duaa, and Vicki about their experience at the 2020 Button conference. They discuss preparation leading up to the conference, what it was like as a fully remote digital conference, and what all the generous knowledge share from speakers and attendees means for the future of the industry. 

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UX Writing

When a UX writer joins a CX team

James shares how CX thinking has influenced his UX work, taking the broader perspective from CX and using that to inform his work on experiences at the individual level.

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Course Info

What is UX writing?

Take a peek into the first 3 lessons from our UX Writing Fundamentals course. Learn what UX writing is, why it’s important, and how UX writers work on a design team.

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Best Practices

The product design ratio

Why is the product design ratio so skewed? The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this: Thank you, Rachel, for tweeting everything the UX writing community wants

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Career Advice

The UX course graduate survival guide

Something strange has happened over the past several years. With more UX graduates attending bootcamps and intensive sessions designed to get them up to speed on UX design and research, we’re

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Venn Diagram of UX and Content Strategy fields. UX writing intersects primarily with content strategy and design, and slightly intersects with UX research.
UX Writing

UX writing versus microcopy

So what’s the difference between microcopy and UX writing? The growth of UX writing and content strategy has sparked all sorts of great conversation and debate. Whether you call yourself

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