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Empower your content team with future-forward skills

Improve your product experience and the impact of your team with comprehensive, based-in-industry UX content education.
Sign up a team in minutes.

Build and future-proof your team

Give your team a full training library that covers fundamentals to accessiblity, localization, and beyond.

Speed up onboarding

Easily add seats for new hires. Get them up to speed faster with essential and advanced skills across courses and workshops.

Train teams in ways that matter

We'll work with you to create custom exercises to specifically train your team on areas that matter most to your organization.

Discounts for larger groups

Save 20% if you have at least 3 members, 25% if you have 6, and 30% for groups of 10 or more.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies to train product design teams

CVS Health
Palo Alto Networks

What's your team's goal?

UX whiteboard session.

Align with UX writing and content design

Get your team operating from the same set of UX content principles.

Bring technical writers into the UX process

Get your team operating from the same set of UX content principles.

Figma app icon

Improve efficiency with Figma

Elevate your team’s design efficiency and effectiveness with Figma.

Holding a sticky note that says, "Run a usability test."

Prove the impact and ROI of content design

Gain influence and drive impact by showing how your team’s decisions are improving strategic business objectives.

Upskill to keep up with industry changes

Learn future-forward skills to keep up with new product demands, innovations, and higher user expectations.

Find the perfect training

  • Type

  • Skills

Why choose UX Content Collective?

Flexible learning with personal feedback

Get the best of both worlds. Learn at your own pace, and get personalized feedback from graders along the way.

Created & graded by working experts

Courses and workshops at UX Content Collective come from experienced UX writers and content designers.

Hands-on practice with industry tools

Whether it’s Figma, UserTesting, Lokalise, or Voiceflow, our courses give students hands-on experience with key tools.

Unlimited access to self-paced courses

Your access to self-paced courses doesn’t end when you finish. You’ll get lifetime access, including future updates.

Solo or group learning

Let them learn on their own time with self-paced online courses, or teach everyone at once with practical, hands-on workshops.

Save more for bigger groups

Self-enroll your team in any online course and receive a discount automatically at signup. 

Feedback from teams

“One of the pieces of support that your program provides for me is that newer team members are able to explain why something’s being written in the way that it has.”
Craig Bell
Director of Content at Xello
“The Figma workshop was excellent. It got us really jazzed up to make some component libraries and other larger changes too, and I'm excited to see the team thinking on that type of a broader level.”
Chris Quirk
“I loved learning that there are so many different ways to test content, and that sometimes combining a few methods is necessary to get the info we need.”
Cullyn Thomson Rubin
Senior UX Writer, CVS Health

How team signups work

As a team leader, you can self-enroll your team in any online course and receive a discount automatically at signup.


It’s easy to enroll your team through our website. Choose your course, then sign up all together—or as individuals.

Option 1: A manager signs up the whole team at once

  • You can pay for your whole team using a corporate credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
  • As the team leader, you would then assign seats to invite each team member to the course.

Note: You won’t be able to manage your team and assign seats until after we approve the purchase. We’ll do that asap—just drop us an email at if we’re too slow.

Option 2: Each team member signs up individually

  • If you’d prefer that your team signs up individually (to use their own education budgets, for example), we can provide a discount code to reduce the individual cost for each team member.
  • Let us know how many people are signing up so we can get you the right discount code. Individuals would choose the “Pay All at Once” option and go through checkout using the code.

At checkout, you’ll purchase the number of seats you need for your team. The next thing to do is assign those seats.

  1. Make sure you’re logged in (click the Log In link at the top menu)
  2. Go to the Course Dashboard, then select Manage Your Team
  3. Under Enrolled Users, select Add seats.
  4. Enter the names and email addresses of the students you want to enroll. Select Users, and then select Add multiple.

Our system will open student accounts for each email and enroll them in the course. As the team leader, you can assign yourself a seat to take the course along with your team.

UX Content Collective will send a welcome email to each student explaining how to get started. The email includes a temporary password so they can log into their course.

You don’t have to do anything else! If you want to monitor the progress of your students or check out their work, you can use the links in the Team Management view.

Our instructors will respond to students individually as they progress through the course. If they need direct support, they can reach out for help (

To add more seats, simply click the button to Add seats in your Team Management view. You will be taken to the Cart, where you can choose the number of additional seats you want to purchase.

Team Leaders can view course progress for each individual student in the team. Access these reports using the Reports button on the right-hand side of your team view.

You sure do. Teams receive discounts for signing up:

  • 3-5 students: 20%
  • 5-9 students: 25%
  • 10+ students: 30%


Option 1: Sign up your team to a public session

You can easily add your team to any of the public sessions listed on our workshops page

  • You can pay for your whole team using a corporate credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
  • You’ll need to list out each member and email address at sign-up. Each member will receive an email with instructions on how to join.
  • Team members can also sign up individually if you prefer. 

Option 2: Set up a private session for your team

  • If you would prefer a private session for your team, we can set that up! Contact us at or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to send us an inquiry.
  • Please note: we do require a minimum of 10 people for a private session.

Typically group discounts are only applied to self-paced courses. However, we’re always open to discussions! Contact us at for more information.

By contacting us you agree to receive emails from UX Content Collective. Unsubscribe at any time.

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