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Fundamentals of UX Writing

Learn everything you need to become equipped with the fundamentals of UX writing. Developed by experts from Google, Amazon, Meta, Vogue, and Intuit. Entirely online, self-paced, with over 30 instructional videos.

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Online, self-paced with personalized feedback 4 or 6 months, no interest
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  • PayPal (including Pay in 4)
  • Bank deposit
  • Affirm (US and Canada)
  • US $1200 US $1020

    Everything you need to practice UX writing

    87% recommend us

    It’s hard to please everyone. But we try! 87% of graduates say they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. We’re working on 100%.

    US $160k salaries

    According to our 2023 survey, UX writers and content designers in the U.S. can expect to earn between US $140-160k. It pays off!

    96% prepared to work

    It’s our job to help students succeed. 96% say their certification prepared them for the UX writing and content design field.

    Learn valuable UX writing and content design skills

    Why do UX writing skills matter in the age of AI?

    The principles that guide design are constant, no matter what tool we use. It doesn’t matter if we write UI text with a pen or generative AI – content design requires an ability to separate good content from bad.

    That’s what we teach: a solid foundation in best practices, with feedback from working professionals, so you can use any tool to get the job done.

    “This course and my overall experience with the UX Content Collective have given me great confidence in my abilities as a UX Writer, beyond standard copywriting. And it continues to do so via the Slack groups which gave me ideas on how I can 'up my game.' To me, this is as good as GOLD, and with a bit of o' luck, it will help me get exactly where I want to go.”
    Antonio Mendez
    UX Writer

    What topics are covered in this course?

    • A thorough explanation of UX writing
    • Voice & tone development
    • User needs, and creating the right content for the right time
    • Using AI as part of the UX writing process
    • Key UX writing principles, such as progressive disclosure
    • Best practices for localization and accessibility 
    • Guidance for writing text for UI components
    • Writing for error messages, forms, dialogs, and many other components
    • How to work within a design team as a UX writer
    • A challenging final project in Figma
    “This course and my overall experience with the UX Content Collective have given me great confidence in my abilities as a UX Writer, beyond standard copywriting. And it continues to do so via the Slack groups which gave me ideas on how I can 'up my game.' To me, this is as good as GOLD, and with a bit of o' luck, it will help me get exactly where I want to go.”
    Antonio Mendez
    UX Writer

    Who should take this course?

    The UX Writing Fundamentals course is designed for a range of students:

    • People who are completely new to UX writing
    • Content professionals working in adjecent industries like copywriting, social media, or any other role focused on content
    • Anyone working in a software design team
    “I am a veteran copywriter obsessed with UX and the entire process of crafting easy, delightful, and satisfying customer journeys. Last year, I completed a UX Design course at General Assembly. Now, I'm building on that foundation with your UX Writing Fundamentals course. The material is rich, relevant, challenging, and super fun. I can't wait to see how my portfolio piece turns out—and add UX Writer to my resume!”
    Jenn K Ward
    Freelance UX Writer

    How long does this course take to complete?

    The UX Writing Fundamentals course typically takes about 40-60 hours to complete.

    This course is designed to fit around your schedule. Lessons are available on-demand at any time. There is no live instruction, so you’re free to study whenever you have time.

    “Taking the Fundamentals course was an important step in my career evolution from Product Manager to UX Content Strategist. I just booked a project I'm really excited about—and they found me in your Certified UX Writers directory. Looking forward taking another course soon!”
    Kristen Mirenda

    What else do I get from the course?

    We love supporting our student community, both inside and outside a course. 

    • Access to a community Slack, where you can speak with other students and members of the grading team
    • Free admission to monthly Q&A sessions 
    • A personalized portfolio page with a unique URL that verifies which certificates you’ve received
    • A spot in our certified UX writers’ directory
    • Lifetime access to the course, including any future updates!

    Will I get a job?

    If you earn a certification, you will be fully trained to join a company as an entry-level UX writer. The success rate for getting hired as a Certified UX Writer is very high. We can’t guarantee that you’ll land a job, but we have a good support network in place to make it easier.

    Landing a job is dependent on where you’re located. San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Tel Aviv, Dublin, and other tech-heavy regions have the most open roles. Remote jobs are more common now, but still in high demand.

    UX Content Collective publishes a Jobs newsletter with job listings from around the globe.

    We also offer a Jobs board to connect you with hiring managers, and a personal portfolio page with a unique URL that you can use to verify your certifications. This profile will also show up in our Certified UX Writers directory.

    Self-paced learning with expert feedback along the way

    Play Video

    Take a look inside the course

    Get personalized feedback on your assignments directly from working content designers

    Over 30 instructional videos that reinforce lesson concepts and show UX writing work in action

    Complete a challenging, comprehensive review of a complex mobile flow in Figma—and add your final project to your portfolio

    A live search assistant trained on the course, and other UXCC material 

    Walk away with a certification to back up your skills—one that hiring managers recognize and respect

    Why choose UX Content Collective?

    We are the global leader in UX writing and UX content design training for thousands of individual students and hundreds of teams. Our courses were created by content designers, for content designers. Our founders offer over 60 years of combined experience at Google, Intuit, and Amazon.

    Self-paced with personal feedback

    Graded by working experts

    Hands-on with industry tools

    A personal portfolio page

    Lifetime access and future updates

    Monthly webinars for students

    Access to student community

    Vetted and approved by industry leaders

    Align your team with UX writing best practices

    CVS Health
    Palo Alto Networks
    “One of the pieces of support that your program provides for me is that newer team members are able to explain why something’s being written in the way that it has.”
    Craig Bell
    Director of Content at Xello

    Meet the minds behind the curriculum

    Our courses are vetted by industry leaders

    Bobbie Wood
    Bobbie Wood
    Founder, UX Content Collective
    Carol Valdez
    Carol Valdez
    Director, UX Writing & Voice, ServiceNow
    Patrick Stafford
    Cofounder & CEO, UX Content Collective
    Gordon MacRae
    Head of Learning & Development, UX Content Collective
    Jeneba Wint
    Asst. VP, Content Operations, LPL Financial
    Mike Strickland
    Director of UX Content Strategy, Charter Communications

    Any Questions?

    Contact Dhanushka (Customer Success Manager) with any questions about the course, team training, or anything else!

    Payment plans up to 12 months 

    Payment options include credit card, PayPal,  and bank transfer.

    Affirm is available for students in the United States and Canada. For students in other countries, we offer plans over 4 or 6 months.


    • Some knowledge of user experience design and methods
    • Fluent English writing proficiency. If English isn’t your primary language, take this free test to assess your proficiency. Scores at C1 or above indicate readiness for the course.
    • Some familiarity with UX terms and methods
    • A Google account for sharing with instructors
    • A computer with an updated Chrome browser
    • A broadband internet connection

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