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Work as a writer on a design team

UX Writing Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of UX writing online in this self-paced course. Become a certified UX writer in just 8-10 weeks. Developed by experts from Google, Amazon, and Intuit.

Price: US $1200


Learn from experts

Study online in this career development course written by professional UX writers from Google, Amazon, and Intuit.


Gain full stack skills

Go beyond microcopy. Learn essential design and writing best practices, team collaboration, and deliverables.

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Study anytime

Busy work schedule? No problem. Learn at your own pace, on your own time with feedback from instructors.


Prep your portfolio

In this course, you’ll complete a portfolio-ready project writing a style guide and UX text for a mobile app in Figma.

Where students come from

Curious about whether you’ll be in good company? You will. Our students come from top tech companies and other amazing places.

Hear from students

Getting certified helps UX writers and content designers land jobs at great companies.

Taking the Fundamentals course was an important step in my career evolution from Product Manager to UX Content Strategist. I just booked a project I'm really excited about—and they found me in your Certified UX Writers directory. Looking forward taking another course soon!
Kristen Mirenda
This course and my overall experience with the UX Content Collective have given me great confidence in my abilities as a UX Writer, beyond standard copywriting. And it continues to do so via the Slack groups which gave me ideas on how I can 'up my game'. To me, this is as good as GOLD, and with a bit of o' luck, it will help me get exactly where I want to go.
Antonio Mendez
UX Writer
I recently completed your UX Writing Fundamentals course. I loved everything about it and it really helped as I transitioned to a new role as a UX Writer in my company.
Kelby Lorenz
UX Writer, Social Media Strategist
I am a veteran copywriter obsessed with UX and the entire process of crafting easy, delightful, and satisfying customer journeys. Last year, I completed a UX Design course at General Assembly. Now, I'm building on that foundation with your UX Writing Fundamentals course. The material is rich, relevant, challenging, and super fun. I can't wait to see how my portfolio piece turns out — and add UX Writer to my resume!
Jenn K Ward
Freelance UX Writer

Why take the UX Writing Fundamentals course?

Put your writing skills to good use

This course is perfect for college grads, journalists, copywriters, and other writers who want to transition to this new and exciting field. It’s also well-suited for product managers, front-end developers, and UI designers looking to develop high-level product writing skills.

Get certified in UX writing

The UX Writing Fundamentals course is self-paced and online. You’ll earn an industry-recognized certificate in UX writing proficiency to help you land your next role. Take your time or speed through—it’s up to you! Average students take anywhere from 20-40 hours and 8-12 weeks to complete the course. As you complete each lesson, you’ll submit practice work. We’ll review and grade your practice submissions and the final exam.

Connect with students and mentors

You won’t go through this course alone. Not only will you be guided with active comments and feedback during the course, but you’ll also have access to our student and mentor community. Participate in a private student Facebook group and a Slack mentor group as well. Ask questions, compare notes, share job ads, and create valuable industry connections!

Course authors

Founder and principal author. Former Head of UX Content Strategy for Google Payments & Google Assistant Transactions. Former design & content Senior UX Manager for QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Self-Employed.
Bobbie Wood
Founder & CEO, UX Content Collective
Co-founder and former lead digital copywriter at MYOB, Australia’s largest accounting software company. Content strategist with clients including KPMG, Dropbox, Data Republic and more. Host of the Writers of Silicon Valley podcast.
Patrick Stafford
COO, UX Content Collective
Co-founder and current head of conversational design at ServiceNow. Former team lead for Amazon customer service UX writing and conversational interface designers. Former principal content designer for Intuit TurboTax.
Carol Valdez
UX Writing & Voice Lead, ServiceNow
Co-founder, author of the UX Content Jobs newsletter, and Head of Learning Products at Multiverse.
Gordon MacRae
Head of Learning & Development, UX Content Collective
Jeneba has held positions as a content strategist at Wells Fargo, a technical writer at AvidXchange, and now heads up content operations at LPL Financial.
Jeneba Wint
Asst. VP, Content Operations, LPL Financial
Director of UX Content Strategy & Design at Charter Communications. Previous experience at Disney, AOL, and MSN.
Mike Strickland
Director of UX Content Strategy and Design, Charter Communications

Course syllabus

  • What a UX Writer actually writes
  • The responsibilities of a UX Writer
  • The people a UX Writer works with
  • What it’s like to work in the design process
  • Your practice project
  • Define the who and how behind your content
  • Understand the impact of a defined voice & tone
  • Map the tone across the experience
  • Defining styles and content patterns
  • Check your content by listening to your customers
  • Project practice work
  • Why “keep it short”?
  • Best practices for scannability
  • Right content for the right user at the right time
  • UX writing versus other types of writing
  • Put your editing skills to work
  • Project practice work
  • Best practices for component writing
  • Writing user actions—dialogs, CTAs & buttons
  • Writing effective communications—notifications, alerts & errors
  • Writing user inputs—lists & forms
  • A few extras—404 pages, progress indicators
  • Project practice – Component Writing
  • Learn when and how to audit your content
  • Create deliverables to document and organize your copy
  • Onboard your users
  • Test your copy
  • Project practice work
  • The UX writing workflow
  • UX writing and usability testing
  • Managing relationships with stakeholders
  • Managing conflict
  • The tools and apps you need
  • Find the right job fit
  • Organize your job search
  • Create your portfolio
  • Interview like a boss
  • Job & role-related resources

About the Fundamentals course

Free Lessons: Dive into UX Writing Fundamentals

Still curious? Check out the first two lessons of the UX Writing Fundamentals course, for free!

Webinar Part 1: Ask the Experts-Kickstarting Your UX Writing Career

Ready to dive into user experience writing full-time? Not sure where to start? Check out this Q&A with Bobbie Wood and Patrick Stafford, the founders of UX Content Collective.

Webinar Part 2: Ask the Experts-Kickstarting Your UX Writing Career

You asked. We’ve got more answers! In this Q&A webinar, we cover tools and trends for 2021, your role as a UX writer, how to work cross-functionally with a design team, and more.

Course requirements


Time estimates fall around 20-40 hours of study and practice work for this course depending on your speed. There are 7 units in the UX Writing course. Each unit is broken down into a series of 4-6 lessons with practice quizzes and reviews along the way. To be certified, you must receive a passing score on a challenging UX Writing final project and a final exam.

This course is designed to fit around your schedule; lessons are available on-demand at any time. There is no live instruction, so you’re free to study whenever you have time.

By the end of the course, you’ll have built your first UX Writing samples to include in your writing portfolio.


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