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An online, self-paced course for individuals and teams

Multiple Platform UX Writing Fundamentals Course

Fundamentals of UX Writing

Get certified in this online, self-paced course! Learn everything you need to work as a UX writer on a design team. Developed by experts from Google, Amazon, Meta, Vogue, and Intuit.

Price: US $1600

4 or 6-month payment plans available

Combining self-paced learning with personal feedback from experts

As you move through the self-paced course, you’ll receive personal feedback from our expert instructors.
It’s the best of both worlds.

Cara Lam
Content Designer at Instagram

Jenny Cowan
Content Design Team Lead at Later

Jarrod Armour
Content Designer at Meta

Olivea McCollins
Content Designer at Microsoft

Sammie Spector
Sr. Content Designer at Vogue

Kevin Bui
Sr. Content Designer at Atlassian

Everything you need to succeed

With lessons written by experts, challenging practice assignments, and a portfolio-worthy Figma final project, the Fundamentals of UX Writing is the perfect way to ensure your skills are solid—and certified.

UX Writing on the Desk

A thorough explanation of UX writing

Our Advisory Group of outstanding content design leaders reviewed and vetted the scope of subjects in our courses. Hiring managers know our Certified UX Writers are equipped to join a design or product team and get the job done.

Voice & tone development

Learn how to make the right choices to support your company’s unique audience. Align with brand voice, develop styles, and articulate the “why” behind your content decisions.

Right content, right time

UX writing demands empathy and a deep understanding of user goals and needs. Develop your user-centered writing muscles to deliver what your audience requires in the moment.

Best practices: localization & accessibility

Just need the basic rules on how to write for translation and localization? We cover those and more. Learn to write content that meets many accessibility best practices—or take our skills courses and become a pro.

Guidance for UI components, microcopy

Learn how to write for common components like lists, dialogs, alerts, error messages, onboarding, and forms. Analyze your UI to assess the need for microcopy, tooltips, and other info paths.

The inside scoop on team roles

Companies come in all flavors and sizes, but team dynamics and roles are largely predictable. Understand how to represent content design to other internal teams, how to defend your work, and how to deliver outputs like audits, copy docs, and light content test results.

A capstone final project in Figma

We’re a verified education provider with Figma. You’ll leave our course with hands-on experience using Figma to design app content, collaborate with designers on wireframes, and make decisions across task flows to meet your users’ needs.

Our students get hired & promoted

“I don’t think I could have the job I have now without having taken the course. For me, that’s the biggest testament.”

Taylor Rohwedder

UX Writer at AbleTo Inc.

“I was a truck driver with writing skills. Now I work for Amazon as a full-time Content Designer. It’s fantastic.”

Nicholas Harris

Amazon Content Designer & UXCC Certified Writer

Save up to 25% for teams

“Our product team made a content update using the ideas from the UX Writing Fundamentals course.

We’ve since seen a 20% increase in conversions.”

Sam DeReign

Lead Content Strategist at Course Hero

Course authors

The UX Content Collective was the first company to offer training in UX writing and content design. All of our founders and instructors are senior user experience designers with excellent reputations.

Bobbie Wood
Bobbie Wood
Founder & CEO, UX Content Collective
Carol Valdez
Carol Valdez
Director, UX Writing & Voice, ServiceNow
Patrick Stafford
Chief Operations Officer, UX Content Collective
Gordon MacRae
Head of Learning & Development, UX Content Collective
Jeneba Wint
Asst. VP, Content Operations, LPL Financial
Mike Strickland
Director of UX Content Strategy, Charter Communications

Why choose UX Content Collective?

We are the global leader in UX writing and UX content design training for thousands of individual students and hundreds of teams. Our courses were created by content designers, for content designers. Our founders offer over 60 years of combined experience at Google, Intuit, and Amazon.

FeatureUX Content CollectiveContent Design LondonSchool of Visual Concepts
Founded by content designersYes ✅Yes ✅No
Certification vetted by expertsYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Expert instructorsYes ✅Yes ✅Yes ✅
Figma instructionYes ✅NoYes ✅
Self-paced, flexible learning​Yes ✅NoNo
Community supportYes ✅NoYes ✅
Capstone portfolio projectsYes ✅NoYes ✅
Fortune 500 teams trainedYes ✅NoNo
Equity scholarshipsYes ✅NoNo
Advanced courses offeredYes, 10 courses ✅Yes, 1 course ✅Yes, 10 courses ✅
Total cost with certification$1600£2395+VAT$7685
Time to complete2-6 months3 months11 months

Frequently asked questions

Time estimates fall around 20-40 hours of study and practice work for this course depending on your speed. There are 7 units in the UX Writing Fundamentals course. Each unit is broken down into a series of 4-6 lessons with practice quizzes and reviews along the way. To be certified, you must receive a passing score on a challenging UX writing final project and a final exam.

This course is designed to fit around your schedule. Lessons are available on-demand at any time. There is no live instruction, so you’re free to study whenever you have time.

By the end of the course, you’ll have designed your first UX writing samples to include in your writing portfolio.

You do need to have some knowledge of user experience design and methods. 

  • Fluent English writing proficiency
  • Some familiarity with UX terms and methods
  • Self-motivated and able to learn by reading and writing
  • A Google account for sharing with instructors
  • A quiet space and a love for great communication
  • A computer with an updated Chrome browser
  • A broadband internet connection

This course is currently offered only in English. For students to be certified, the ability to write and read in fluent English is required. If English is not your primary language, please take this free test before signing up for the course to assess your English-proficiency level. If your score is at C1 or above, you’re ready to take the course. If you score below C1, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to certify you. Thanks for your understanding.

Need more details? Read the rest of our frequently asked questions.

If you earn a certification, you will be fully trained to join a company as an entry-level UX writer. The success rate for getting hired as a Certified UX Writer is very high. We can’t guarantee that you’ll land a job, but we have a good support network in place to make it easier.

Landing a job seems to be heavily dependent on where you’re located. San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Tel Aviv, Dublin, and other tech-heavy regions have the most open roles. Remote jobs are more common now, but still in high demand.

UX Content Collective publishes a Jobs newsletter with job listings from around the globe.

We also offer a Jobs board to connect you with hiring managers.

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