Ready for a UX podcast about writing and content?

There are plenty of articles about design online, but what about a UX podcast about writing and content?

Our very own co-founder, Patrick Stafford, recently launched “Writers of Silicon Valley”, a podcast interviewing UX writers and content strategists around the world.

Whether you’re just beginning or an advanced writer established in your career, the podcast already has five episodes full of information from five experienced, qualified writers like:

It’s a UX podcast that’s heavy on the UX…writing

Every interview covers topics like the history of UX writing, where the industry is going now, what UX writers need to succeed in the industry, chatbot writing, and much more.

But don’t take our word for it…

Lifehacker recently featured on article listing Writers of Silicon Valley as one of the writer’s favorite podcasts.

New episodes show up very two weeks, so remember to subscribe.

Plus, listeners get a little extra discount for the UX Writing Fundamentals course. (You’ll have to subscribe to find out what it is!)

Enjoy “Writers of Silicon Valley” wherever you get your podcasts

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