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Introducing our biggest updates ever

Introducing our biggest updates ever

The year’s almost over, but we’re not slowing down! See what’s new at UXCC starting now.

Even though it’s the end of the year, we haven’t been slowing down. In fact, we’re busier than ever. It’s our mission to make sure we’re consistently providing the best content design training possible. That means we’re always reviewing our curriculum and our learning experience to make sure it’s relevant based on what’s happening in the industry.

This December, we’re delivering the biggest updates to our course line-up ever … including a few new surprises. Here’s what we’ve got in store:

Over 180 instructional videos across our courses

Everyone learns differently. For some that means reading, for others it means listening with our text-to-speech functionality (like we recently added to our Fundamentals of UX Writing course). Now, we’re adding videos to that mix. 

Our course authors and graders have teamed up to create over 180 instructional videos across our courses. These videos are designed to demonstrate or expand on material shown in the course. Sometimes, it helps to explain key concepts in a slightly different way.

These videos include:

  • A unit summary for each course
  • Explaining concepts like content testing methods
  • Demonstrating live examples of practices like UX writing edits, or critique
  • Reviewing best practices like writing for key components, alt text, localization, and more
  • Using artificial intelligence in content testing
  • Creating key UX artifacts like journey maps or testing plans

Unit 6.3 The Art of Critique

Example of one of the many videos included in the course updates.

New! Get your portfolio reviewed

One of the most common requests we get is for help in creating a portfolio. There’s a lot of generic advice out there, but there’s a real lack of specific help tailored to your unique portfolio.

Our new service is designed to fix that. Instead of relying on generic advice, you’ll submit your portfolio and get a video of up to 15 minutes with a content design expert offering specific feedback on your work. This isn’t just for beginners. We’ll pair your portfolio with a content designer who has been hired (or has hired) for the type of role you want. You can be confident you’re getting useful advice from people who actually work the job.

Note: We’re including this module as part of our Career Course, but you can opt to buy it as a standalone. Up to you!

Portfolio Review Example

Example of video feedback you’ll receive when you submit your portfolio.

A completely revamped “Marketing Writing for UX Writers” course

Content designers can often make the mistake of thinking the “product” is entirely separate from the marketing journey that brings users to that product. This is a critical error, and it’s one that the market is trying to solve. Recently Airbnb completely revamped its product manager roles to include a bigger emphasis on marketing strategy. 

Content designers need to understand that strategy as well. Connecting a brand voice across an entire user journey—from acquisition to active use—is difficult but necessary. This completely updated course is designed to provide you with the strategic knowledge to map out an entire user journey and ensure your voice remains consistent.

Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • A new challenging final project in Figma that trains UX and marketing writers to analyze a user interface, create a marketing strategy based on that content, and create strategic assets like user journey maps and messaging hierarchies
  • New lessons 
  • Updated examples, references, and case studies to better reflect market changes
  • Instructional videos from lead grader Rob Mills, former Head of Content at GatherContent and current head of Fourth Wall Content

A new and more challenging final project for “UX Writing for Technical Writers”

The UX Writing for Technical Writers course delivers invaluable skills to help apply UX writing standards to documentation. We’ve helped tech writers at companies like Dell, Nutanix, ADP, Talend, and more.

Now, we’re upping the game with a new, much more challenging project that incorporates more of an entire workflow that a tech writer can expect in their role. This project combines both technical writing skills and Figma design skills, with tech writers expected to learn and apply styles to a mobile user interface (along with several deliverables including a full style guide).

Want to learn new skills as a technical writer? Check out the updated course. And like our other updated courses, UX Writing for Technical Writers now comes with several instructional videos recorded by our grading team.

A new way to learn: Skills seminars

Learning is an ongoing process. We’re introducing new skills seminars, taught by content design experts, on a specific topic each month. These talks are designed to give you practical steps to implement and improve your own work.

First up? Sophie Tahran, Director of Content Design at Condé Nast, on presentation skills. These seminars are no more than US $25 each. Get your ticket today for the first seminar on January 23.

Unit summaries and study aids

Self-paced learning is made even better when you have guides to help you study. We’ve added summaries for the end of each unit in video, text, and PDF format.

You’re free to use those guides in any way you want—even in your day-to-day work. They’ll prove invaluable when preparing for our challenging final projects and exams.

Updated examples and references for 2024

We’ve gone through every course to make sure every piece of content is relevant and updated. The market changes quickly with examples and best practices continually evolving. We want to make sure our students have the best possible references, so you can rest assured that all of our courses contain the most relevant material possible.

Don’t forget all of the other updates we made this year:

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