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Use artificial intelligence ethically and productively

AI in Content Design: Ethics, Scale & Impact

Learn how to grow your content design skills by writing for AI, and with AI. Gain an ethical foundation in AI during this 3-hour online workshop using comprehensive frameworks and hands-on exercises.  

Price: US $250

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Why take the AI in Content Design workshop?

An ethical foundation

Gain an understanding of the key risks involved with AI content. Learn how to identify and mitigate ethical challenges.

Write for AI products

Learn what you need to know in order to write UX content for AI-related products - and how to guide your users properly.

Scale your AI output

Stop tinkering with language models and start using them properly. Learn frameworks, structure, and advice to help create UX content at scale.

Create impact

Learn how to identify and build custom AI solutions for key UX content challenges. Automate and grow your influence across your organization.

Monday, February 26

10:00 am to 1:00 pm PST (San Francisco)

12:00 pm to 3:00 pm CST (Chicago)

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST (New York)

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm GMT (London)

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What do you walk away with?

  • An understanding of the ethics underpinning AI in software, specifically in content design
  • Resources to help you identify and mitigate ethical issues related to AI
  • Practice in writing for products that incorporate AI features
  • Hands-on experience using Large Language Models to enhance your productivity as a content designer
  • Frameworks to help you craft prompts that scale your impact and increase your output
  • Knowledge in creating custom LLM solutions that solve content design issues across your organization

Our workshops are fully remote and online

The workshop includes 3 hours of instruction and exercises. It’s a pretty typical format, with lectures followed by breakout practice sessions.

The instructor will provide feedback as you move through the session and answer any questions you might have about anything we covered.

If you have more questions about workshops from UX Content Collective, please reach out to

Workshop requirements

Participants should make sure and have:

  • A computer with the latest version of Chrome
  • A second monitor is useful (but not required) so you can watch and practice at the same time
  • A broadband internet connection
  • Fluent English reading and writing proficiency
  • Some familiarity with UX writing and methods
  • A quiet space and a creative mind!
“I've been unsure of how to approach AI as a content person, especially with how fast its capabilities seem to be progressing. This workshop assuaged some of my fears, but more importantly, it showed me how to use AI in a way that benefits my work as a content designer, without endangering or excluding users.”
Kumari Pacheco
Content Designer
“I can honestly say this will impact my workflow and process going forward. I can't wait to implement it in my projects!”
Sarah Ambrosius
Content Designer, Lunar

Developed by…


Christie Fremon

Christie is a content design leader with 13 years of content design experience at companies like Rivian, Narvar, Google, and Apple. She has extensive experience working with and designing for AI-powered products.

Patrick Stafford

Patrick is the CEO and cofounder of the UX Content Collective. He is a former Lead Digital Copywriter for MYOB, the largest accounting software provider in Australia, and has consulted with several businesses on UX content strategy.

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AI in Content Design: Ethics, Scale, and Impact

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