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Cohort-based learning 

The Content Design Leadership Program 

Gain confidence and influence. Advance to the top of your career. Developed by experts from Google and TikTok. Next program begins late April! Apply now.

  • Course Fees: US $3200 (pay over 6, 12, or 36 months)
  • Structure: 2 Online Workshops, 2 Self-Paced Units, 1 Panel Session
  • Communication: Email, Cohort Slack Group
  • Certificate: On successful completion of Final Project
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Want to lead, but don’t know how to get there? 

This program is designed to prepare you for content design leadership. Walk away with an understanding of how strategy and content intertwine and the confidence to lead teams to execute.

  • Establishing alignment between strategy and objectives
  • Ensuring quality content across all teams
  • Navigating complex strategic challenges across an organization
  • Defining (not just following) style and brand guidelines
  • Creating helpful and satisfying content experiences for users
  • Optimizing content for consumability, search, and accessibility
  • Leading and developing teams 

218% higher pay

Content designers with titles including “Director” and “Principal” earn over 200% more than mid-level or senior content designers.

Gain influence

Content designers say their biggest challenge is gaining influence. Learn to influence organizational strategy—and make your voice heard.




Build strong teams

Content design leaders are only as good as their teams. Learn how to build, develop, and nurture content design teams and the people in your care.

Change at scale

It’s one thing to create change within a team—it’s another to change the direction of an entire organization. Learn how to execute complex strategy.


Leave with leadership skills that last


Introduction to content leadership

Define a vision for your organization's UX content, empower your team to execute on that vision, and measure success.

Creating systems and processes

Establish the thoughtful integration of a content style guide into a design system by way of reusable, standardized content elements. Create scenario-specific content recommendations.

Measuring and showing success

Learn how to measure the quality of your content, how well it achieves its purpose according to your goals, and understand the key differences between qualitative and quantitative data at scale.

Developing relationships and visibility

Understand how to establish and grow key relationships to ensure your team is seen and heard.

Enhancing strategic thinking

Identify how to use UX content as the medium to reflect a well-researched, thoughtful, and user-friendly product vision and strategy. Learn how to think like a product manager.

Building and empowering a team

Empower your team to keep growing and level up their skill sets through access to new resources and opportunities.

Developed and taught by Connie Wu (TikTok, Meta)

As the Head of Content Design and Product Writing at TikTok, Connie established, managed, and grew the company’s cross-regional product content design (UX writing), team operations, help center content strategy, and technical writing disciplines.

Previously, Connie built, mentored, trained, and led the Connectivity content strategy (content design) team at Meta.

Hear Connie speak about her approach to content leadership:

How the program works

You won’t be alone—work alongside a cohort of your peers. 

Curriculum vetted by a team of industry experts.

Leadership foundations

Understanding content leadership

Creating content systems and processes

Measuring and highlighting successes

Enhancing strategic product and design thinking

Strategy exercises

Connecting process and strategy

Create comprehensive workflows

Sharing success

Leadership at scale

Developing relationships and increasing visibility

Building, hiring, mentoring, and empowering

Future-proofing your team for longevity

Content journey maps

Map relationships

Develop the content design role

Assess needs and create hiring plans

Create growth opportunities

Present a comprehensive content strategy to a professional panel

Develop a strategic plan for implementing a major content design plan, and present your plan to a group of expert content designers.

You’ll receive detailed feedback on your plan, your presentation skills, and leave with a comprehensive report from the panel on where you can improve.

You’ll take part in a Q&A with Connie before you present your project, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to refine your work.

Group 330

Post-program support: Skills seminars

Skills seminars offer invaluable ongoing guidance for students interested in senior and leadership-level content. Leadership students get in for free, plus receive instant access to past sessions.

Presentation Skills

Sophie Tahran

Director of UX Content Design, Conde Naste

Product Strategy

Amy Chick

Capital One, Allstate, Comcast

Leading Design Teams

Bobbie Wood

UX Content Collective Founder, former UX Content Lead, Google

Any questions?

Key information

  • Course Fees: US $3200
  • Structure: 2 Online Workshops, 2 Self-Paced Units, 1 Panel Session
  • Communication: Email, Cohort Slack Group
  • Certificate: On successful completion of Final Project

Pay Over 6, 12, or 36 Months 

Access leadership training with affordable, accessible installments.

Vetted By An Advisory Group of Industry Experts

Mario Ferrer

Staff Content Designer

Emily Springer

Principal Designer

Chelsea Larsson

Director of Experience Design

Christopher Rucks

Content Design Manager

Angela Gorden

Senior Content Designer

Aaron Burgess

Experience Design Leader

Melinda Belcher

Executive Director Experience Design
JP Morgan Chase & Co

Sophie Tahran

Director of Content Design
Condé Nast

Tina O'Shea

Director, Content Design

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