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An online course for content creators

The Brand Voice Lab Courses

The Brand Voice Lab

Experiment with writing for voice to gain a deep and meaningful understanding. This online, self-paced course is made for anyone who creates, establishes, or shapes the voice of content.

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2 or 4-month payment plans available

“This was a very rich class that I plan to bookmark and consult all the time."
Sarah Burke
Content Designer

Learn to craft an effective voice

Pick a Career Coach

Infuse your content with personality

Understand the power of voice: how to convey it, how to craft it, how to write it.


Create memorable experiences

Learn how to create a unique voice that users recognize and connect with.

Stand apart from the competition

Differentiate your company with content that keeps customers coming back.


Give your writing skills a workout

Flex those writing power muscles with creative exercises that hone your skills.

Course overview

UX Writing on the Desk

Why voice and tone are critical to good writing

Think about your favorite brand, product, or service. What comes to mind? Their visual design? What about their voice?

Fact: Consumers prefer brands with strong, unique personalities. It’s also a big reason why companies with consistent voice and tone across touchpoints retain customers.

So what do you say? Ready to roll up your sleeves and step into The Voice Lab?

Who should take this course

This course is made for content professionals of all kinds looking to flex their voice and tone muscles. That means:
  • UX writers and content designers who want to nail down techniques
  • Marketing writers who want to create positive customer experiences
  • Content team leads looking to drive real ROI and competitor differentiation
  • PR & communications specialists who want to tell a stronger brand story
  • Creative writers who want to sharpen their skills and build their portfolio
  • Chatbot writers interested in learning how to bring a written voice to life
  • Content marketers seeking a deeper understanding of voice for creativity
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Content Design Scholarship Application

What the course includes

It’s about more than just following a set formula. You’ll get a solid foundation so you can feel confident about your brand voice decisions. The course includes:

  • Self-paced learning for maximum flexibility
  • Exercises to practice as you go with feedback from instructors
  • A final project of your choice to include in your portfolio
  • Full lifetime access to the course throughout your career journey
  • Access to student groups in both Slack and Facebook
  • Certification in this highly-valued skill

Course author

Adina Cretu

Adina Cretu

Adina is a Romanian UX writer and content designer with experience in e-commerce, blockchain, cybersecurity, and fintech. She’s a former digital, social, and content marketer for companies such as Google and ING Bank. English is her second language, which means she’s had to work hard to understand how to use language to best express herself and how to represent brands and products in their most favorable light.

Course requirements

Time to complete

Time estimates fall around 10-20 hours of study and practice work for this course depending on your speed. There are 4 units in The Brand Voice Lab. Each unit is broken down into a series of 3-5 lessons with follow-up quizzes, practice work, and a final project.

This course is designed to fit your schedule; lessons are available on-demand. There is no live instruction, so you’re free to study whenever you have time.


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