Train your team in content design

Workshop: UX Writing Essentials

In this jam-packed 4-hour session, you’ll learn UX writing best practices with hands-on exercises. Made for UX writers and anyone on a design team.

Price: US $550

UX Mentoring to Student Working on a Desk
"Thanks for your brilliant UX writing workshop—I found it really useful and insightful."
Mark Sellings
Senior Technical Writer, Boomi
“I think that was the most useful learning session we’ve done since I’ve been at Asurion.”​
Josh Sullivan
UX Designer, Asurion

Train your team in best practices

Write for interfaces with confidence

You’ll receive a checklist with guidance for writing forms, errors, onboarding, empty states, dialogs, and more.

Increase customer success

Guide users on every step of their journey. Understand how microcopy helps and when you need to add it.

Follow the checklist to do It right

Walk through the content heuristics checklist to understand how to write UI text that works every time.

Try it out with hands-on practice

Give your new skills a workout with breakout session exercises for you and your teammates.

Why take the UX Writing Essentials workshop?

What you’ll learn

  • Applied principles and best practices for UX writing
  • Understanding the impact of voice & tone
  • Detailed heuristics (checklist) on writing for common UI components
  • What users need and when to add microcopy
  • Writing for empty states, forms, onboarding, notifications, and error messages
  • Hands-on practice using variations on voice + tone, writing UI text, and writing difficult messages

What you’ll leave with

  • A deep knowledge of why UX writing is the core of a great user experience
  • An understanding of how to do the writing with examples of what works
  • A standardized checklist to guide writing for interfaces and emails
  • More confidence in your UX writing
Celebrate Your UX Writing Certification

Get to know your instructors

Each session is taught by one or more of these highly qualified instructors. 


Michelle De Marée

Michelle co-owns Copy That (a UX writing agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark) together with Oline Schoeler. She (quite ironically) thinks of herself as the Dr. Frankenstein of content and delights in figuring out how the often scattered pieces of content fit together to form a cohesive whole, so users easily find what they’re looking for. Her analytical mindset has served her well in the transition from SEO and online marketing to UX writing. Rather than try and sell users a solution after it’s built, she gets to dive under the hood and write useful, meaningful copy that helps users navigate their way around a product—one word at a time. Copy That’s clients include Shopify, Surfshark, Dixa, and more!

Oline Schoeler​

Oline runs Copy That, a UX writing agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with her co-owner Michelle de Maree, she’s on a mission to provide tech companies with content that converts, and microcopy that packs a punch in small spaces. Oline started off as a traditional copywriter in creative agencies but fell in love with the more data-driven world of UX writing. Oline built her UX foundation in the Product Department at Trustpilot, where she spearheaded UX writing and managed a team of 20+ localization managers. Today, Oline and Michelle work together with a wide array of tech companies: from startup to enterprise, B2B to B2C. Some of their clients include Shopify, Surfshark, and Dixa.
Bobbie Wood

Bobbie Wood

Bobbie is the founder and CEO of UX Content Collective. She’s also a former head of UX Content Strategy for Google Payments & Google Assistant transactions and a past design & content senior manager for QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Self-Employed. She’s passionate about improving diversity in tech and is somewhat (very) obsessed with robots and AI.

Details for your session

Workshop format

The workshop includes 4 hours of instruction and exercises. It’s a pretty typical format, with lectures followed by breakout practice sessions.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll go through your practice work to share learnings and insights. The instructor will provide feedback and answer any questions you might have about anything we covered.

If you have more questions about workshops from UX Writers Collective, please reach out to


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