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Level up your Figma skills fast

Advanced Figma for Content Designers

In this 3-hour session, you'll learn to enhance your team's work and impact through content-first practices in Figma.

Price: US $350

I can't think of any training I've attended that's felt as natural and relaxed as this. And I learned loads too!
Joel Stein
Content & Creativity Lead, Code Computerlove
"This was an excellent session. It's already helped me work faster and smarter, and be a better collaborator with my product design counterparts. Thank you!"
Danielle Vargas
UX Writer at The New Yorker
"I loved it all. The format was fantastic, and the information super relevant to UX writing."
Tessa Buchin
UX Writer, Sundance Institute

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Why take the Advanced Figma workshop?

Learn how to:

You'll leave with:

UX Content Designer Certification

Get to know your instructor


Jason Fox

Jason is a content designer at Chime where he uses language to help members achieve financial peace of mind. His Figma tips and tricks appear in well-known and much-appreciated videos on LinkedIn and elsewhere, and his tool for measuring content volume on screens is an excellent tool for content designers. Don’t miss this workshop with a content designer who holds his own in Figma!

Details for your session

Workshop format

The workshop includes 3 hours of instruction and exercises. It’s a pretty typical format, with follow-along lectures and breakout practice sessions.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll go through your practice work to share learnings and insights. The instructor will provide feedback and answer any questions you might have about anything we covered.

If you have more questions about workshops from UX Content Collective, please reach out to info@uxcontent.com.


Before the session, participants should download Figma and create a free account. You’ll also need:

  • A computer with the latest versions of Chrome and Figma
  • A second monitor is useful (but not required) so you can watch and practice at the same time
  • A broadband internet connection
  • Fluent English reading and writing proficiency
  • Some familiarity with UX writing and methods
  • A quiet space and a creative mind!

Interested in training a team? Get in touch. We can help accelerate your designs.

If your team is small, fewer than 10 people, you can sign up for one of the sessions listed. If you’d like to schedule on a specific day or time for a team of 10 people or more, we can arrange that! Reach out to info@uxcontent.com and let us know what you need.


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