The trust factor is critical in FinTech apps

Workshop: Building Trust in FinTech

Words matter, especially when it comes to money! In this 2-hour session, you’ll learn how to create user trust through UX and UI copy.

Price: $200


“Cara is a great presenter. Very energetic, clearly knowledgeable, and she encourages a lot of group participation.”


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Apply UX writing best practices to critical scenarios

Uncover the value of UX writing for FinTech

Online banking is the new norm. Companies (and content teams) need to prioritize this critical end-to-end user experience.

Learn the dos and don'ts of financial writing

Learn how to be reassuring during high-stakes interactions (asking for sensitive information) and how to keep users on track.

Find the right tone at every touchpoint

Define your brand’s tone across the customer journey—knowing when it’s okay to add personality and when to be direct.

Avoid costly content mistakes

Don’t let UX mishaps cost your business. Invest in content design now to avoid expensive lawsuits later. 

What to expect from your workshop

Who this workshop is for...

  • Writers working for FinTech companies or products
  • Product managers and designers who want to master UX copy
  • Basic knowledge of financial apps or websites is recommended
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You’ll learn...

  • The dos and don’ts of writing for financial products
  • The challenges that financial institutions and their digital products face
  • How UX writing (and you!) can overcome those challenges
  • How to design content for UI elements throughout a hypothetical user flow

You’ll leave with...

  • Hands-on experience critiquing and improving content for a banking app
  • Confidence in creating content for transactions, handling sensitive information, and asking for user permissions
  • New know-how to apply to your financial writing right away
  • A list of design hacks, words, and phrases to build trust
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Get to know your instructor: Cara Lam

A New York-based content designer, Cara Lam has been writing professionally since 2017.

Cara Lam is currently a content designer at Instagram. In her former UX writing and content strategy roles, she has worked directly on client onboarding, payments, and multi-factor authentication for online banking apps.

Workshop details

Session format

The workshop includes 2-hours of instruction and exercises. It’s a pretty typical format, with lectures followed by breakout practice sessions.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll go through your practice work to share learnings and insights. The instructor will provide feedback and answer any questions you might have about anything we covered.

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