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The Career Course

This self-paced online course guides you through career development steps to help you plan, focus, and grow.

Price: US $350

UX Career Course

Boost your career with actionable knowledge and advice

Analyze your skills

Understand the skills hiring managers are looking for, then delve into exercises that showcase your best self.

Ace interviews

Hear hiring managers talk about what impresses them most, even when they’re asking the hard questions.

Build a dream plan

Create a strategic career plan to understand where you’re going – and what specific improvements you need to make to get there.

What students are saying

"The Career Course helped me get my Senior Content Designer role, totally worth the ROI."
Mel Wilk
Senior Content Designer, IBM

About the course

Training via Zoom

Learn what employers really want

Analyzing job ads can be really tough. It’s hard to discern what companies want —and if you have the skills they’re looking for. This course analyzes job ads line-by-line to identify the skills you need to succeed, and then identify the path you need to get there.

Don’t have any content design experience? No problem. We’ll show you how to translate your job experience to a content design role.

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Ace interviews and create an effective portfolio

Content design interviews are no joke, especially at large tech organizations. We’ll take you through practical examples—including videos and audio recordings—of the types of questions you’re likely to get. You’ll hear from experienced content design leaders on how to answer them.

Plus, we’ll show you how to put together a killer portfolio.

Content Testing

Create a career plan

As you move through the course, we’ll guide you through exercises to create a comprehensive career plan. You won’t just analyze your skills and how to improve, but we’ll also help you understand where you want to work, the type of people you want to work with, and the steps to get there.

Our students get hired—and recruiters love them

Looking to land a high-paying, high-tech job? Study with UX Content Collective and learn a creative skill and valuable design discipline— with no coding required.

Course preview

The Career Course

Free Lessons: Dive into the Career Course

Check out the first two lessons of the Career Course, for free!

Webinar: How to plan your content design career

Get a taste of what you’ll learn with tips on how to plan your content design career.

The Career Course is just the beginning

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