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Workshop waitlist: Succeeding as a Solo UX Writer

Not everyone enjoys the benefits of working with a supportive team. Some of us work as the very first UX writer at a company. Succeeding as a sole UX writer means learning how to deliver value while also scaling yourself—and your operations—effectively. This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Identify where to start and what your first priorities should be
  • Create a clear plan to learn the product and start producing helpful assets
  • Deliver critical guidance within the first 1-3 months that will serve the organization for years to come
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed with too much work
  • Make yourself valuable so you can earn more money

Duration: 4 hours (online)
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Made for:

  • New and intermediate UX writers and content designers working as a team of one
  • Anyone prioritizing their own UX or writing work across a lot of designers, teams, or projects
  • Freelance UX writers and content designers working at startups and mid-sized companies that haven’t had content designers on staff

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