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UX Writing: What, Why, and How – webinar recording presented for IxDA Dubai

Bobbie introduces how UX writing has evolved as its own discipline in the tech industry in a recent webinar with IxDA Dubai. She explains why UX writing is essential to product success and customer happiness.

“The more we had somebody focusing on what that text experience was like, the better and more compassionate UI’s became, and of course that made software more pleasant to use and companies that did that the best really were the most successful.”

— Bobbie Wood

In a recent webinar with IxDA Dubai, Bobbie introduces how UX writing has evolved as its own discipline in the tech industry, why it’s essential to product success and customer happiness. She shares a few key UX writing best practices to implement right away for your product copy. 

UX Writing: What, why, and how (with Bobbie Wood)

Key takeaways:

  • UX writers are extremely valuable to have on a design team because they have an immense impact on product success and customer happiness.
  • The mission of UX writers is to smooth every transition in the user journey including cohesion between products, devices, and modes
  • Best practices in UX writing include:
    • Be clear
    • Be concise
    • Be helpful
  • Consistency in an entire brand (for example marketing, product, help support, and social media) allows the user to become comfortable and trust the product. User comfort and trust increase satisfaction and loyalty — which translates into increased sales.
  • Resources to learn more can be found on: 

UX writers have stepped up in recent years carefully guiding users through tasks with empathy and compassion. Bobbie notes that this focus on customer-facing text, the part of a product that speaks directly to a user, has led to reduced frustration for users and improved customer satisfaction. There’s no mistake that designing constructive conversations with users has been a driving force in creating great user experiences!

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