Content Testing and Research – webinar recording presented for UXPA International

“Be ready to be surprised. Be ready to learn from users and hear things that you don’t expect.”

— Bobbie Wood

Content testing and research are critical to product success. Great content is just as essential to user experience as visual or interaction design because it’s the piece of the product that’s speaking directly to or having a conversation with users. The only way to achieve great content, though, is to test the content! 

In this webinar for UXPA International on Content Testing and Research, Bobbie talks about the importance of testing content and how to do it in different scenarios.

Key takeaways:

  • Content should be evolving along with the design and be treated as priorities, not placeholders
  • UX writers should actively engage with user research to 
    • reveal user’s mindsets and their language
    • test for voice and tone
    • reveal emotional responses from users 
  • Results from testing and recommended solutions to content problems should be represented in a way that highlights the potential impact these solutions can have 
  • The impact of UX writing, content testing, and research can be quantified to appeal to managers and stakeholders by speaking in terms of money. (For example, sales lost or money saved).

While content design and testing often fall into the hands of UX writers, Bobbie urges you to take up a leadership mentality since you’re helping with product strategy, product success, and contributing to the bottom line of your company with your content. Not only is content testing valuable for discovering what is and isn’t working for the product, it also allows you to discover and present the impact of your work.

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