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Introducing the UX Content Collective

Welcome to the new and improved UX Writers Collective — now UX Content Collective.

We started UX Writers Collective in January of 2019 with one online course and one big mission: help humans and computers get along by putting content first in the user experience. It was a pretty lofty goal!

Since then, we’ve grown to become a destination for thousands of like-minded UX content folks from around the globe who want to make products, services, and experiences better for all. We now offer specialized skills and certification courses, coaching, consulting, workshops, webinars, and more. And this is just the beginning…

We’re updating our URL, our company name, and the look and feel for our brand, but our dedication to training and supporting new content experts remains the same. 

Why we chose UX Content Collective

We believe our new name, UX Content Collective (or UXCC for short), better represents our customers: content professionals across the industry who are focused on creating better user experiences, no matter their roles or titles. 

The change celebrates that our industry has evolved beyond simply writing for UX projects and now encompasses knowledge of writing, strategy, and technology for multiple disciplines. For us, it means a bigger variety of courses, an expanded library of content, and even more ways to help move your career forward.

How does this impact the course content and certifications?

You can expect new courses in the coming months that go beyond UX writing to bring best practices and skills training to entire product teams. That includes product managers, localization folks, front-end developers, copywriters, technical writers, and the people who lead them.

We’ll continue to provide certification for courses that cover deep skills training. We’ll also offer a range of supporting courses that cover explorations, writing workouts, and career support without certification.

What can you look forward to?

Weekend Workshops: New workshops will be offered soon on a rolling basis to support continuous learning—on weekends when you have more time.

  • Intro to Figma for Content Designers a workshop from Sammie Spector
  • Naming Product Features, a workshop from Julia Steffen
  • UX Writing Essentials workshop from Bobbie Wood (that’s me, haha!)
  • UX Writing + Content Design Essentials from Bobbie Wood (still me)

Online Course – Accessibility for Product Teams: Perfect for any product team member, this upcoming course from Kristen McConnell and Vince Abbate teaches the principles, techniques, and best practices you need to craft high-quality, accessible product experiences for all.

Online Course – Translation & Localization for Product Teams: This upcoming course from Patricia Gómez Jurado focuses on the skills and knowledge you need to navigate translation and localization processes. Perfect for UX leaders, content designers, or content professionals looking to increase the impact and scale of their content for global audiences.

Online Course – The Brand Voice Lab: This upcoming course from Adina Cretu is designed for product writers (UX writers, content designers) and commercial writers (marketers, communications specialists) looking to develop a distinctive brand, product, or service voice that people love.

As the industry evolves, we’ll continue to iterate to support our students, hiring managers, and UX teams. Who knows what the next five years—let alone the next five months—have in store. Onwards!

Have questions, requests, or feedback to share? Get in touch at our new email:

Thanks for all your support over the past few years!

—Bobbie & Patrick

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