Marie-Anne Chaloupecky

Coaching topics: Portfolio Review, Interview Coaching, Career Plan, General Coaching

Hourly rate: USD 150

Marie-Anne’s experience

I’m a third culture kid who was educated in the UK, Uganda and France by Polish and Czech parents. Unsurprisingly, home to me is often on the road.

That winding road led me to 6 years at in Amsterdam, where I started my UX writing career contributing to the integration and evolution of one of Europe’s fastest-growing teams of UX writers.

Today I run my own business where content designers and their managers consult with me to find sustainable solutions to challenges in their roles and craft, the growth of their teams, and finding their way on their career path.

My experience covers corporate, startups and freelancing, teams of 1 to teams of over 60, burnout, recovery and regeneration.

I’m a strong advocate for sustainability and believe that, by improving the wellbeing of teams and leaders, you can redefine and increase your success as a business — and your positive impact on the world.

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