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How to decide if UXCC is right for your team

Deciding which training is right for your team? Not sure where to begin? See how UXCC can help.

Choosing a training provider for your team means having to juggle a range of requirements—both to satisfy the learning needs of your team and any of your organization’s own rules and processes.

UX Content Collective is able to deliver high-quality training developed by UX content experts in a wide range of topics, along with experience working with organizations at all levels to deliver the right training in convenient, accessible, and efficient ways.

We think UX Content Collective offers the best value, and here’s why.

Self-paced learning allows for flexibility with work

Organizing your team into a training schedule can be extraordinarily challenging. Self-paced learning allows for your team to learn from a set curriculum but at a time and schedule that suits them—and you.

We combine self-paced learning with personalized feedback from our grading team, made up of working professional UX writers and content designers. This means our students can learn at optimal times for their schedule while not missing out on crucial feedback that can guide their work.

We’ve often seen teams succeed in self-paced training by setting internal goals and schedules for self-paced work and even holding weekly review sessions to share learnings.

Of course, self-paced learning might not be the right choice for your team. In that case, we have a range of workshops that provide live, hands-on instruction in a range of different skills—plus access to recordings and materials afterward so your team can revisit the instruction again when needed.

Monitor progress and get reports

Keeping your team on track is essential for getting the most out of your training.

Team training with UX Content Collective offers the ability for team leaders to monitor student progress. See how far users are through their courses, quiz performance, and more.

Easily sign up new students or add new courses

One of the barriers for team training is having to go through rigorous sign-up processes, or worse—missing out entirely because new team members join or others leave.

Signing up new team members with UXCC training is simple. Team leaders can pay for new seats via their own dashboard and download invoices for easy use. We can also provide custom invoices and work with your accounts payable team directly.

Either way, new team members can start immediately—and you won’t waste any time in getting them up to speed with the rest of your team.

Train both junior and senior team members in different skills

Although you may want to train your entire team, you don’t necessarily have to put everyone through the same courses.

More junior team members might need to start with a foundation in UX writing or content testing, while more experienced team members may want to start straight away on some more advanced topics such as localization or conversation design.

The important thing is that we can support your team no matter their experience level—from junior UX writers all the way up to seniors and leads on their way to director and VP roles.

We can provide different groups for your team members so you can order your training in the most efficient way.

More value for larger teams

The larger your team, the more benefit you’ll have from training your team in new skills. And as you add new members, the cost per course continues to decline.

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