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How UXCC compares to other UX writing courses

Prepare yourself (or your team) for success in the evolving field of content design. See how UXCC can help!

We launched in 2019 with one online course and one big mission: help humans and computers get along by putting content first in the user experience. It was a pretty lofty goal!

Since then, we’ve grown to become a destination for thousands of like-minded UX content folks from around the globe who want to make products, services, and experiences better for all. We now offer specialized skills and certification courses, consulting, workshops, webinars, and more.

Our mission is to provide practical hands-on training for UX content professionals and teams. How do we do that?

By content designers, for content designers

It’s crucial to know you’re getting your money’s worth—whether you’re paying as an individual learning to upskill or a hiring manager using a portion of your training budget.

Expertise starts from the top. Our organization was founded by Bobbie Wood, a UX writing pioneer who formerly led UX content strategy for Google Payments and also worked as a senior manager at Intuit. Our CEO, Patrick Stafford, was the Lead Digital Copywriter at MYOB, the largest accounting software company in Australia.

The UX Content Collective was founded and is led by content designers who not only understand the industry—they’ve lived it.

Our curriculum is developed by UX writers and content designers actually doing the work at companies leading the way in UX and product. Students get personal feedback from instructors who work as content designers at companies like Meta, Condé Nast, Robinhood, Chime, Wix, and more.

You can rest assured knowing that you’re being taught and assessed by content designers who know what it means to navigate this evolving field.

Curriculum designed and vetted by industry experts

Whenever we release a new course or workshop, we always start by asking a few questions. Why does the industry need to learn this particular skill? Who has the proven expertise to teach this subject?

For example, our Product Localization for UX course was developed by Patricia Gómez Jurado, the Associate Director of UX Writing at King Games. Previously she worked at Google as a Localization Manager for Android in Spain and Portugal.

Our UX Writing for Technical Writers course was developed by David Connis, a Senior UX Writer at OutSystems, who originally started his career as a technical writer and then moved into UX writing.

Each one of our courses is developed and led by content designers who intimately understand the nuances of their subject matter.

Hands-on experience with design tools (Figma, Voiceflow, Lokalise, UserTesting)

Part of creating training that effectively prepares students for careers in content design involves embedding industry-standard tools.

That’s why our challenging final projects are conducted in these programs. Our Fundamentals of UX Writing final project is conducted entirely in Figma. We have partnerships with companies like Voiceflow (in the Conversation Design for Chatbots course) and UserTesting (in the UX Content Research & Testing course) to make sure students finish with confidence using these tools in their work.

Self-paced learning for maximum flexibility, featuring personalized feedback

Our online curriculum is self-paced, which means you have the flexibility to leisurely learn around your work schedule—or power through as quickly as you’d like.

But here’s the important part: we combine self-paced learning with real feedback from working content designers. It doesn’t matter when you learn or complete your assignments, your work will have human eyes (and feedback) on it.

Course material that is consistently updated

Content designers are lifelong learners. The industry is constantly changing, and it’s our aim to make sure students are prepared.

Over time, we’ve added new units to our courses in key topic areas like accessibility and localization, updated assignments and questions to improve learning outcomes, and have even changed the curriculum in final projects to take advantage of partnerships with industry tools.

Because our students have lifelong access to courses, they get all the benefits of these updates whenever they occur. They can reference us as a resource long into their content design careers.

Supportive student community

We think students learn best when they learn from each other. Our Slack student community lets students converge and ask questions, share learnings, and hear directly from each other. 

Part of thriving in the content design community means developing lifelong friendships and professional contacts. We’ve given students a place to swap stories, ask for feedback, and build their own content design community.

Content designers prepared for the workforce

All of these advantages mean our students leave our courses prepared for the workforce, whether they’re entering the industry for the first time or moving into a leadership role.

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