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The Dash: Content design for A/R & V/R 👓

This week's Dash includes design content for A/R and V/R experiences!

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How do you design content for A/R and V/R experiences? Join our webinar with SmartGlasses content designer, Carly Gray, and learn about this fascinating future! Speaking of—we can’t stop nerding out over the new Microsoft Mesh platform. If you need us, we’ll be rewatching the Star Trek trilogy…

Content design for augmented & virtual reality. Join us on March 25 for an exciting conversation with UXWC instructor Carly Gray. We’ll cover everything from her experience as a multi-modal writer, best practices for wearable tech content, and interactive case studies with an open Q&A. Hope to see you there!

Meet Microsoft Mesh. Here can be anywhere. At least that’s the premise of Microsoft Mesh, a new mixed-reality platform that allows people in different physical locations to join shared holographic experiences on a range of devices. Not quite the Star Trek Holodeck, but we’re getting closer! 

Testing copy at Netflix. The problem: The Netflix team lacked an efficient way to run copy tests, including language-focused optimizations, at scale. The solution? Enter Shakespeare. Find out how the team deployed a tool that lets content designers run lighter-weight copy tests without heavy engineering support. More from the Netflix Technology Blog.

Designing for the breakup. It’s hard to let a relationship go, especially when that relationship includes your product’s user. Liz Tan, Lead Product Designer at Postlight, reminds us why considering the entire user journey from adoption to product abandon is necessary. Read on to see why endings are a product design problem worth solving.

A proven method for showing the value of good UX. Looking to get leadership buy-in? Start by identifying frustrations caused by poor UX and isolating said frustration costs. Thanks to Jared Spool for this one.

What does collaboration between content and product design look like? There’s a lot we can learn about co-designing from the close-knit duo at BT design. Key takeaways? Keep your design ‘doors’ always open, communicate constantly, and support each other.

Apple podcasts to stop using ‘subscribe.’ In the latest iOS update, you’ll notice Apple’s small change with a big impact. 47% of users who don’t currently listen to podcasts believe ‘subscribing’ to a podcast will cost money. The move to ‘follow our podcast’ will remove confusion and hopefully capture more listeners. What d’ya think?

Banning dark patterns under law. California announced new regulations under the state’s Consumer Privacy Act that will prohibit the use of dark patterns in web or app experiences. A huge step in the right direction for better UX for all!

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