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The Dash: Election ballots & UX writing

This  Dash ranges from COVID-19 to content strategy candidates and even all things convo design. We know it’s a wild US election week... so we’ll just get straight to it.

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This week’s Dash ranges from COVID-19 to content strategy candidates and even adds a new section dedicated to all things convo design. We know it’s a wild US election week… so we’ll just get straight to it. Read on and take care

  • Designing democracy. So what can ballots teach us about UX writing? A whole lot actually. This piece by Lauren Jessen considers the user experience of voting and the implications for making it a clear(er) process. See how using plain language can help us connect the dots in our own product development. 

  • Caps off to COVID grads. If you’re new to the workforce or starting your first remote UX writing job, our latest blog post is for you. Cayla Dorsey, UX Writer at Microsoft, shares her survival guide for these unprecedented times — including how to meet new people, advocate for your ideas, and understand your impact on a team all as a remote worker.

  • Candid about content strategy candidates. Ever wonder what hiring managers are looking for in a standout UX content strategist? This three-part series by Angelique Little, UX Writing Manager at Dropbox, is chock full of helpful interview process nuggets to help teams find the right candidates.

  • UX Among Us. This piece by a grad student at the University of Michigan delves deeper into the design behind the mystery space game taking the internet by storm. So is it a usability success? Or is there a UX imposter among us? Read on to see the verdict.

  • Writers of… the Globe. The latest Writers of Silicon Valley podcast takes a step back to break out of the Silicon Valley bubble, exploring the field outside of the USA. Patrick chats with Mario Ferrer, Senior UX Writer at Skyscanner, on bias in the industry and what it means to be a UX writer abroad. Really important stuff. 

Convo Design Corner 

  • Designing a chatbot. We hosted our first webinar with Botmock to show you how to get started using the tool featured in our Chatbot Writing & Design course. When you enroll now, you’ll also get 3 months of free access to Botmock Pro for prototyping. Happy chatbotting! 

  • How to use my writing background as a CX writer? Great question. Get this and all your other burning Qs answered at Botmock’s next AMA session by a panel of conversation designers from Amazon, Jio Haptik, and Onyx Engagement Inc. When? November 13. What time? 12pm EST.

  • A guide to conversation design. If you’re still wondering what the heck conversation design even entails, this is a great place to start. This post is a transcript of the first-ever conversation design workshop at Cornell University, hosted by Cornell AppDev and Google. There are too many goodies in here so we’ll let you dive right in yourself.

  • Alexa, Siri… Elsa? Turns out more children are turning to voice products as a form of ‘online playgrounds’ in the age of COVID-19. But what does this mean for regulation and data collected from kids? Read on here.


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