The Dash: Enterprise UX is amazing. Change our mind.

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The last Dash of January is here. We’re not quite sure where that month went, but it’s probably hanging out somewhere with the other missing socks, lost remote, and our spare key. Anyways! Here’s a fresh batch of content for you to enjoy. If you’re feeling generous, forward to a fellow UX writing friend. 

Enterprise UX is amazing. Okay, Yichen He said it. Not us. But we totally appreciate this perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities of designing for enterprise versus consumer UX. Go ahead, change our mind.

Tackling complex design debt. Inconsistent product functionality, wildly differing UI components, and conflicting terminology can have big consequences for your business if left unchecked. Alex Potrivaev, Senior Product Designer at Intercom, shares a simple three-step framework for managing it. 

How Atlassian’s design teams go from idea to execution. Natalie Coy took to Invision’s blog to offer a behind-the-scenes look at Atlassian’s design process. And the team was gracious enough to share their top Confluence templates to help teams like yours. Check it out. 

Ditto’s year-in-review. Our friends at Ditto, the ultimate copy collaboration Figma plug-in, had one heck of a launch. We’re excited to see where 2021 takes them! Catch their year-in-review here.

The UX process to redesigning a website’s info architecture. What are the 4 pillars of IA? Why is IA important? Oriol Banus lays out a helpful guide for approaching content inventory, visual hierarchy and navigation, and user testing. Who doesn’t love a good tree test?

Bring a project management mindset to your writing. Join San Francisco UX Writers Meetup and Laurah Mwirichia as she shares examples of working with teams, organizations methods for collaboration, and content audit examples to get everyone on the same page. Sign up now!

Ellevest’s approachable signup and onboarding. Ellevest is on a mission to help close gender-based wealth gaps. Their new user onboarding attempts to make investing less intimidating for newbies. So how’d they do? More from ReallyGoodUX.

Convince your boss to let you attend Confab. Trying to secure education budget for you or your team? Just forward them this link to help make the case.

Convo Design Corner 

The ROI of good conversational UX. A widely circulated Fast Company article positioned that, “Every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 in return.” What’s the key to achieving good conversational UX before consumers walk out the proverbial door? Read more from Brittany Walla at Voxable.

How I use my writing background as a Conversation Designer. The Botmock team is at it again with another great AMA featuring Gladys Diandoki, Diana Deibel, Rebecca Evanhoe, and Michael Metts. Watch it here.

Where is the opportunity for conversation designers? This post from Braden Ream at Voiceflow is full of goodies including conversation designer role definitions, employable use cases, and portfolio design to help you navigate this ever-evolving field.


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