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The Dash: Good design = good communication

This week's Dash includes a recap on a hybrid writer webinar, perfection paralysis, and why good design means good communication.

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When it’s March 2021 but you’re still processing March 2020. What a time. And what is time anymore? All we know is that it’s time for this week’s content. Here goes nothing…

Webinar recap: Becoming a hybrid writer. Course author Dave Connis, Sr. Documentation & UX Writer, shares his experience as a hybrid technical & UX writer, the benefits of applying UX best practices to documentation, and offers a sneak peek of the UX Writing for Technical Writers course. Catch the replay here!

Good design is good communication. In this Medium post, Michael Kuhn illustrates why strong communication skills are so significant to a designer’s success. This quote from Benek Lisefski about sums it up: “A designer without communication skills is just a pixel pusher.” Very well said. 

Go ahead and fail. That’s right. This is your permission to muster the courage to mess up. If you’re haunted by a fear of failure, you’re not alone. In this column for The Atlantic, Arthur C. Brooks shares ways you can overcome perfectionism paralysis.

Phenomenal Black designers. The Spotify Design team is highlighting Spotifiers who work in the UX design space. The latest feature showcases Laura Eley, UX writer at S4X in New York. Hit play and read along.

UX content scavenging worksheet. Use this worksheet to help you document UX writing and content design goals and translate them into action. And if you haven’t explored Miro yet, we highly recommend making an account and poking around. Thanks to Jane Ruffino for this gift! 

10 tools for UX writers and content designers. Fire up your browser. Get your bookmarks ready. Here are some popular tools to understand your audience and craft content that addresses their needs. Kudos to Christopher Greer for this list.

UX writing over (virtual) coffee. In this post, leading writers from Microsoft and Intuit talk about their UX writing workflow and the challenges they face at work over a cup of coffee, over on the Frontitude blog.

What can you learn from Sarah Winters? The real question is… what can’t you learn from Sarah Winters, CEO & Founder of Content Design London. Get career reflection, advice, and insights in this jam-packed post from Working in Content.

Dictionary of typography. Thanks to UX Collective for sharing this brief visual exploration of typography and its accessory arts. 

The UX on this small child is terrible. Quite possibly the most relatable post yet? Read on to see Leslie Ylinen’s proposed feedback for creating a more compatible user-centered child experience. More from McSweeney’s.

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