The Dash: Have you ever been roasted by your bank? 🔥🏦

This week's Dash includes the best way to improve your writing, the new whiteboarding tool from Figma, and a fintech's fiery AI chatbot that exudes Gen Z energy.

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Say it loud, say it proud. Fact: Words in your brain sound different on paper and words on paper sound different spoken. The best way to improve the quality of your writing = reading it out loud. Rob Mills shares his proofing process in this great new post.

Metrics, metrics, metrics! “Tracking progress and measuring success is common practice for most UX teams, however, reporting to the execs, speaking their language, and helping them to make investment decisions is rare.” So how do problem value metrics come into play here? More from Pete Woodhouse over on Medium.

“Big sis energy.” Have you ever been roasted by your bank? In this piece, Earl Myers, Head of Copy at Cleo, offers up how the fintech app pushes boundaries with a Gen Z brand personality—including building a conversational (and fiery) AI chatbot.

The OG in content strategy. The one and only Kristina Halvorson chats with James Deer on her prolific career to date—including what it’s been like to build a  business, write a book, advocate for content strategy as a discipline, and everything else in between. Block off some time and grab a coffee for this one!

Let’s get abstract. A scientist placing an order for synthetic DNA is basically like when you order a t-shirt from Amazon. Sort of. Darek Bittner shares how to use abstraction and metaphor to understand your user’s needs, simplify complex processes, and design all-around intuitive experiences. 

A bite of FigJam. No, not the fruity spread for your breakfast toast. The new online whiteboard built for teams to brainstorm together in Figma! This bad boy was just announced at #Config2021 and already lookin’ really fun. Check out the beta.

So you’re writing a writing guide. Now what? Whether you’re a new writer, or just new at a company, acclimating to the brand’s voice takes time. Justin Whaley gives us a glimpse at the new source for Square’s voice and tone.

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