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The Dash: The design process ≠ a process

This week's Dash includes rethinking the concept of processes and ways to design your toolkit.

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 What’s the one thing no one explains about the design process? Well, it involves rethinking the very concept of processes in the first place. Read on for ways to build your design toolkit instead. This week, we’ve got a new podcast with Jasper Platz from Strings and some exciting UX Writers Collective updates. So much content goodness and so little time. Enjoy, friend!

The design process ≠ a process. Fact: One process does not fit all scenarios. Instead of just thinking of design as a procedure to follow, think of it as a toolbox. Then, you’ll learn to reach for the right tools in the right situations. Jordan Bowman dropping knowledge over on UX Tools. 

New and improved at UXWC. As the industry changes, our courses will too. That’s why we’re rolling out some fresh updates and additions we think you’ll really, really enjoy. New lessons? Check. Updated quizzes? Check. Take a look at the new and improved course material! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Time for another podcast, people! Huzzah! The latest Writers of Silicon Valley episode is here. Patrick sits down (virtually, of course) with Jasper Platz, CEO of Strings. They cover everything from democratizing design, what would PMs look like if they came from a design background, why content design is getting so much attention, and lots more. Have a listen!

Getting hired as a convo designer. Looking for advice on acing a convo design interview, creating a portfolio, or hoping for some salary insights? Well, you’re in the right place. Join this upcoming Q&A with recruiters from, Allys Parsons and Leigh Smith, moderated by UXWC instructor Hillary Black. Save your spot for April 8.

From content strategist to PM. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ career journey story? In this piece, Mike Petroff of Harvard reflects on his work trajectory, shares what he learned along the way, plus he offers advice for others looking to succeed in this field. Another insightful resource from 

Content design with Andy Welfle. Our good friend joins the folks at Design Career Network for a chat about content design roles and career paths. Definitely worth a watch, so press play on this one!

Get that Confab ticket, stat. Prices for the content strategy event of the year jump after this Friday, March 26. Register now to save $100! Plus, save your spot to hear from some familiar faces (cough Patrick Stafford cough). We want you at Confab. You want you at Confab. Let’s make it happen!

Designers can be writers. Someone’s going to be writing, whether they want to or not. Becky Hirsch, UX Writer at Spotify, shares words of wisdom for lean teams working without a designated writer. Take notes..

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