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This week's Dash includes revealing 2021's biggest job trends, what it takes to be a responsible designer in the 21st century and more content strategy insights!

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Jobs, jobs, jobs! This week, Gordon Macrae offers up UX writing job market insights over on the blog, Patrick sits down for a Content Strategy Insights chat, and we’ve rounded up several articles to keep you busy until next time. Plus, did we mention 20% off courses through April 16? Oh yeah, that too.

What’s currently #trending. The industry is always evolving—which makes keeping up with job trends feel like serious work. Good thing Gordon Macrae is here to help with our monthly jobs newsletter. And he even rounded up 5 important job trends to keep an eye on for the rest of 2021. 

Buzzzzzzz. In this extensive-but-worth-the-read post, Candi Williams, content design lead at Bumble, shares her content design career-to-date, advice for hiring managers, and tips to help break through biases. Another great interview (and overall career resource) from our friends at

What does 21st-century design look like? Pandemics. Social injustices. Climate crises. Are designers equipped to handle today’s challenges? “In the 21st century, we don’t need to get rid of ‘traditional design’ but we need to become more responsible about our impact in the world. And to be a good designer in today’s world, one has to understand the world.” Thanks to Bettina D’ávila for this reminder.

Mayday! Can words crash a plane? In today’s world, safety and software are super interconnected. So what does that mean when vague or inaccurate language makes its way to market? In this post, Necia Dallas reminds us why neglecting your product language just won’t fly anymore. Literally.

How to Crush mobile writing. Patricia Gómez Jurado, associate director of content design at King, shares tips and tricks for making your mobile games user-friendly and keeping players coming back. Check out this great intro to writing for mobile games, featuring examples from Candy Crush.

Content strategy insights, coming at ya. In this Content Strategy Insights episode, Patrick Stafford chats with Larry Swanson about all things content—including the importance of adopting a content strategy mindset, the growth of the profession, and how aspiring UX writers can stay ahead of the curve. Listen in here!

UX writing over coffee. In this series, leading UX writers from IBM and CallRail talk about their workflows and challenges over a cup of joe. Thanks, Frontitude!

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