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The Dash: Write with care (especially now)

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It’s always been part of the UX writer’s toolkit, but writing with empathy is non-negotiable when it comes to good product design during a global health crisis.

Today we’ll look at a presentation about writing with empathy for accessibility, placing a focus on CLV with ConversionXL, a roundup up of absolutely awful marketing during a pandemic, an ethics message from Facebook (we can see you rolling your eyes!) and how to get started in content modeling.

    • The shape of words. A nice little reminder to write with empathy when you’re working on digital products. We think you’ll enjoy sitting back and watching this presentation from content designer and UX writer, Laura Parker, as she takes us through making experiences enjoyable with the use of language, cadence and the shape of words.
    • CLV FTW. It’s always been important, but now e-commerce stores are placing even more emphasis on retaining customers and measuring that all-important customer lifetime value (CLV). We recommend getting familiar with the ins and outs of CLV and applying the same principles to your own work–the team at ConversionXL have done an excellent job of explaining it all in this article.
    • That’s some good lookin’ content. What is content modelling and how does one go about it? In this video from, the host speaks with UX and content designer Ronald Aveling about how to structure your content in a strategic way.
    • An ethics lesson from Facebook… interesting. But we kind of like the overall message behind this piece by Facebook’s VP of Product Design, all about designing for our human family during a global health crisis. It covers important considerations for product teams, like ‘should we build this?’ while figuring out short- versus long-term gains.
  • Oh wow, more stuff about remote workshops! We are all for keeping good social distance and hygiene practices as much as the next person, but how do customer experience professionals adapt (successfully) when a major part of their job is to do in-person workshops and customer journey mapping? The CX Leader podcast discusses this in detail in their latest ep.

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